Beavers and Cubs have a Wild Adventure

Beavers and Cubs have a Wild Adventure

P1030872On 27th June, over 100 older Beavers and younger Cubs converged on Reepham Scout HQ for a “Wild Adventure” themed outdoor camp. The adventure was based around Rudyard Kipling’s famous Jungle Book, the basis behind Cup Scouting itself.

The weather was truly horrible on the Friday whilst setting up camp, there was thunder, lighting and heavy rain, but this did not dampen our spirits, we were determined the camp would go ahead.

The Beavers arrived first, excited, apprehensive and a little scared. They were taken to their tents (which had been put up by the leaders beforehand) where they put all their belongings. The Cubs then arrived confident and wondering what activities that they might get up to over the weekend. After everyone had sorted out where they were sleeping, we all got together to play some games.

P1030920During the evening the rain kept on pounding down on the camp, so a decision was made to play inside! The noise of children chatting filled the HQ and was lovely to hear. It didn’t matter what the weather was doing, everyone was having fun.

No rain overnight meant that all the activities planned for Saturday could go ahead. The campers were allocated to activity groups and there were 8 different zones. These included making a picture frame using knots and lashings, Crossbows and Rubber Band Guns, a Bouncy Slide, a Geocaching based treasure hunt, Bridge building, Helicopters and Towers, cooking a pizza on an open fire, putting up a tent and making tent peg shapes. The field was alive with laughter and chatter.

At 3.30pm we all congregated into the hall for the closing ceremony and presentations. Then sadly it was time to say goodbye as the Beaver and Cubs went home clutching their goody bags.

A great weekend was had by all, no doubt thanks to all of the hard work put in by leaders from across the district.

Take a look at all of the photos from the weekend in the photo gallery.

29th June 2014     Beavers, Cubs

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