Beavers Big Birthday 30th Bash

Beavers Big Birthday 30th Bash

P1050217The weather was bright and cheerful, the leaders waited nervously at their stations for the 130 Beaver Scouts to arrive. Bonkers the Beaver Mascot was in place ready to greet the children. Then just before 10am came the steady stream of blue descending down on Taverham Scout Hut, the fun was about to begin.

The beavers were directed into the large hall where they registered ready for the day ahead, some were excited, some were anxious wondering what they would do in the day ahead. Once everyone was registered they all ventured outside where they were split into 5 groups.

Each group was then taken to their first activity either T-Shirt printing, Party Games, Badge Treasure Hunt, 1986 World Cup Football or Making Birthday Cards, then the fun began.

P1050259There was lots of cheering and shouting in the Small Hall where the World Cup Football was taking place, the large group had been split in half, some got to play football, either as Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina or Germany. The others were whisked away as to not see who won the first match, to make Rosettes of the team they had been allocated.

Meanwhile in the Large Hall it was a hive of industry at one end T-Shirts being transformed into a 1980’s style with colourful designs, using fabric Pens with pre-cut stencils or free hand designs. Whilst at the other end Birthday Cards were being coloured in and posted, into their groups post box whilst others were trying to remember items on a table.

Outside on the grass in front of the HQ laughter could be heard while another group played party games with hoops and a parachute stopping briefly to make masks out of card and foam.

P1050327At the top of the drive there was concentration and quiet while the beavers walked around the trees in the wooded area. They were trying to find the different beaver badges as part of a treasure hunt, only shouting out when one of their team had found a badge on their sheet.

Each group got the chance to all the activities throughout the day, stopping to have drinks breaks and a picnic lunch along the way.

Everyone including leaders made a large circle outside on the grass in front of the HQ, then wished each other a Happy 30th Birthday.

4th May 2016     Beavers, News

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