Cub 100 Year Celebrations – “Do Your Best” Awards

Cub 100 Year Celebrations – “Do Your Best” Awards

On Saturday 26th November selected Cubs from around the county were invited to a special event at The Open Academy, Sprowston, where the awards were presented by the County Commissioner.   The awards were based on Jungle Book characters and the Cubs had been nominated by their leaders to receive them.  A panel of Young Leaders then selected the winners in each of the categories.

Below is the summary of the eight awards presented:

Baloo Award
Baloo is the bear who was Mowgli’s teacher and friend – awarded to a Cub who is friendly to all and helps others to learn the Pack ways

Raksha Award
Raksha is the mother wolf
 – awarded to a Cub who is consistently caring for the welfare of others, whether at home or at a Pack meeting.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Award

The Mongoose – 
awarded to a Cub who has shown courage in trying activities that they find difficult

Kaa Award

Kaa is the snake
 – awarded to a Cub who has excelled physically

Bagherra Award

Bagherra is the black panther
 – awarded to a Cub who guides other members of the Pack

Akela Award

Akela is the leader of the wolf pack
 – awarded to a Cub who shows leadership qualities

Tabaqui Award

Tabaqui is the Jackal (or Hyena) – awarded to the Cub who is the Pack clown

Banderlog Award

Banderlog is the name given to the monkey colony – presented to a Cub who has made a comic comment.


Five Cubs from Northern Norwich were selected from the 100’s submitted and our congratulations go to:-

Lily Rose Arnull, 16th Norwich – Winner of the Bandalog Award

Corey Jonas,  25th Norwich – Highly commended for Bandalog Award

Hannah Mather, 1st Drayton – Highly commended for Raksha Award

Callum Samuels, 1st Spixworth – Highly commended for Riki Tiki Tavi Award

Leo Plunkett, 1st Drayton – Highly Commended for Baloo Award

These Cubs showed enthusiasm and went above expectations or overcame difficulties to achieve their award.


Please see our photo gallery for photographs of the award winners


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