11th Norwich Royal Naval Inspection

11th Norwich Royal Naval Inspection

On the 4th July 2017 at Decoy Broad, the 11th Norwich Sea Scouts received a visit from Lt A Hewitt of the Royal Navy to review their Royal Naval recognition. The review started formally with Colours before the officer inspected the Scouts and talked to them about their badges.  Afterwards the whole troop heading out onto the water to demonstrate their Gig Pulling and Sailing skills.  When the wind started to die, the sailing boats headed back to shore earlier than programmed, allowing time for the boats to be de-rigged and for the Scouts to have an enjoyable swim in the broad.

After Sunset the  Troop were debrifed by Lt. Hewitt and re-awarded their Royal Naval Recognition certificate.  In his report Lt.Hewitt commented:

An extremely keen and focussed unit with a growing amount of cadets and instructors. Unit has a tremendous location at Decoy Broad to train, educate and have fun. All Sea Scouts were smartly presented and the inspection was carried out with a plentiful amount of RN ethos being displayed.  The Units HQ is also well presented and offers very good training for the winter months with the additional option of canoeing on the river (next to HQ). This Unit has my full recommendation to remain RN recognised and it continues to grow in earnest. “

District Commissioner, Lisa Wright who attended the inspection said afterwards commented “What a privilege it was to be invited to attend the Royal Naval Inspection, the weather was kind and the Troop and Leadership team were fantastic and equipped themselves extremely well.  My sincere congratulations go to the young people, but especially also to the adult volunteers who worked so very hard to ensure this occasion ran smoothly and efficiently.


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