Exercise “Star Trek”

Exercise “Star Trek” was an all-night exercise which took place from Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th October 2017.

13 Scout and 2 Explorer Scout teams from Northern and Eastern Norwich Scout Districts took part in the event which was supported by around 30 members from Broadland District Council, RAYNET (Radio Emergency Amateurs Network), Norfolk Lowland Search & Rescue (NorLSAR), 4×4 Response and British Red Cross (BRC).

Reepham High School was used by the volunteers who co-ordinated support.  After booking in the teams had their kit checked, before they were transported to their individual start points.  At a designated time the teams simultaneously started their all-night hike covering a 10 mile circular route around the Reepham area.

10 remote base stations had been established along the route.  At each base the teams had to complete a task, before being given map co-ordinates for their next base.    The central team monitored the progress of the teams and kept a check on safety aspects.  Remote teams from 4×4 Response and NorLSAR were deployed via radio to assist scouts where necessary and importantly, nobody got lost (for too long!)

Congratulations to all the teams who took part and a big THANK YOU to the leaders who ran the activity bases and to those co-ordinating the event.

9th November 2017     Explorers, News, Scouts

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