The Big Weekend

The Big Weekend

1st/2nd February 2020

I’m sure you’ve all seen details of the event in County Updates and some I hope are thinking about – if you haven’t already decided – whether to go along (perhaps with a member of your own Leadership Teams).

Of course some might already have weekend commitments and i do appreciate that as volunteers, and with the day jobs to fit in too our weekends are precious family time.

As a District I think it would be great to have a representation at the event – it would give us a great opportunity to get together as a team, whether it be for the whole weekend or attending for the daytime.

Having spoken with Neville as our District Chair we have agreed that the cost of the Big Event will be partly subsidised by the Executive. I know all of you probably will be immediately thinking – how much? We have an Executive meeting in October and the subsidy will be finalised at that meeting, but please know we want to support you and any volunteer who wishes to attend as best as we can.

I hope that you will consider attending the event, knowing there will be financial support towards the cost – either as individuals or per Group. To make advantage of the ‘early bird’ prices your place needs to be booked by 1st October and a deposit paid. (I would add that the subsidy agreed would be reimbursed from your total payment to you/the Group by the Exec).
I’ve included the links below to find out more, complete booking form etc.

Event details and how to book
Questions and Answers
First confirmed sessions

I’ll be booking my place, and would appreciate you dropping me a line if you feel able to come long and are booking a place, so Neville and I will know the take up in readiness for the Exec meeting in October.
Many thanks everyone,

Lisa Wright
Northern Norwich District Commissioner

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