3rd & 4th Cub Camp

3rd & 4th Cub Camp

3rd & 4th Cubs spent the beginning of October with a weekend’s camping at 1st Drayton HQ.

Having stowed their kit in the outside tents the children spent Friday evening playing wide games and cooking hot dogs and smores around the camp fire.

During the camp the ASU came along and helped the Cubs built a pioneering structure. They really enjoyed developing their skills with knots and lashings.

Also during the day they took part in adventurous activities, such as archery, mini-crossbows and learning to pitch and strike a tent.

A couple of tents inspections took place to ensure the Cubs were looking after their personal kit.  Another great campfire was had on the Saturday night.

Special thanks to my wife Tina, plus Carole and Paul Graves for helping out!

Tom Martin, 3rd & 4th CSL

5th November 2019     Cubs, News

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