Taverham Beavers down on the farm

Taverham Beavers down on the farm

1st Taverham Beaver Scouts have been exploring a local farm, by kind invitation of Des Mack.

Des showed the Beavers the range of crops being grown and harvested at this time of year, and the machinery he uses to help him with these tasks.

The visit included a very exciting trailer ride around the farm to see the cows, calves (and Jolly,  the bull!), and then finished with an opportunity to climb aboard some of Des’s tractors. As evidenced by the broad grins, all the Beavers (including the girls!) had a very enjoyable time indeed and felt privileged to be able to see at close hand what farming is all about. 

This farm visit linked to a bread making activity the previous week, where the Beavers cooked their own flatbread over a campfire, and a traditional corn dollie craft activity the following week, using wheat and barley stems collected at the farm.

Penny Butler from the 1st Taverham Beaver leadership team.

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3rd November 2019     Beavers, News

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