1st Taverham Beavers Making Machines

1st Taverham Beavers Making Machines

Adam Killett
Colony Assistant
1st Taverham Beaver Scouts

Each beaver was given a sheet of paper to design a machine. This could be anything they could imagine and, although some ideas were drawn in advance, lots of different machines were imagined,

Next they had to decide and list what would be needed to make the parts of the machine, from wood to metal, screws to glue. Lots of very interesting ideas were discussed,

Next comes the junk recycled material, and the beavers made their models from their fancy drawings with some help from the lovely 4 young leaders which is always nice part of the meeting

Once models made the beavers sat in their riverbanks and told everyone what their machine was, what it did and anything that could have been better to make.

I feel all persons involved had a really enjoyable time

25th February 2020     Beavers, News

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