2nd Hellesdon Beavers Camp at Home

2nd Hellesdon Beavers Camp at Home

2nd Hellesdon Beavers have been challenged to take part in the Northumberland Scouts #campathome in April, where the young people can camp in the safety of their own home, in a den, tent, hammock or something they create, all while taking part in scouting activities, and earning Nights Away staged badges.

The Beavers have taken this on with great enthusiasm, whith one in particular who has already ticked off 10 nights away! Emma made a Den under her bed, slept in a beach tent in her conservatory, made a cardboard tent in the dinning room, and her whole family have camped out for 2 nights in their garden, with many more places to sleep planned. Emma has also cooked on a fire and packed herself an over night bag, including things to do if she wakes up early and a midnight snack just in case!

Three other Beavers, and their Cub siblings, have so far joined in with the challenge, pitching tents, cooking their tea outside and enjoying time with their families. We have already accumulated 13 nights away and hope to get many more camping at home on 30th April when Northumberland scouts are attempting a world record for the largest virtual camp.

5th May 2020     Beavers, Members News, News

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