St George Challenge

St George Challenge

On the 23rd April we launched our St George’s Day Challenge and all our members were invited to take part in the activities at home.  They were tasked to:

  • Find out about St George, his patronage and which counties, other than our own, celebrate St George’s Day on the Sunday closest to the 23rd April
  • Make a St George’s flag and display it when they camp
  • Make either a St George’s shield or an origami dragon
  • Either – decorate some biscuits with a St George theme or make some buns / cupcakes and decorate them
  • Camp Out/In – either erect a tent in their garden or an indoor den and sleep in it.

We are pleased to say that the following have completed the challenge and will shortly receive their District St George’s Challenge Badge:

1st Spixworth – 9 Beavers
1st Taverham – 3 Beavers and 8 Cubs
16th Norwich – 3 Beavers, 1 Cub and 2 Scouts
3rd & 4th Norwich – 7 Cubs
25th Norwich – 8 Beavers, 8 Cubs and 4 Scouts
18th Norwich – 7 Beavers, 5 Cubs and 4 Scouts
11th Norwich – 2 Cubs
1st Horsford & St Faiths – 10 Cubs, 12 Scouts and 3 Explorer Scouts
2nd Hellesdon – 2 Beavers
44th Norwich – 1 Beaver

Please enjoy the photos in the gallery.

Congratulations to all those achieving the Challenge Badge!

11th July 2020     Beavers, Cubs, News, Scouts

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