Celebrating Our Patron Saint – St. George & Renewal of our Scouting Promise

I’m sure that you will all have planned for the renewal of your Scouting Promises locally next week as we celebrate St George’s Day on Friday. 

You’ll be aware, I’m sure, of the County initiative ‘Join In, Tune In, Just Stop’ (see link below) which provides a video clip involving young people (and some not so young) to support your Promise Renewal. Available from 7pm, this will be especially useful if you are continuing your meetings virtually but can also be used, of course, at face to face meetings too. Please do share this widely to all members so all are included.

I’d really appreciate any photos you are able to take when marking this occasion to be sent to either to me or to Stuart at – we will be updating the website with details to celebrate as a District being part of the Scouting movement.  

Previously this has been an opportunity to celebrate and make awards to Groups and Units in our own District however I know you’ll appreciate this year has been one like no other. All of our volunteers have worked so hard in so many ways through the pandemic – in work places, at home and in scouting keeping our young people and teams engaged virtually and more recently face-to-face as we begin to scout again together – it would be difficult to fairly make awards of this nature this year. 

I hope 2022 will bring us an opportunity to once again come together as a District to renew our Promises as a Scouting family and celebrate our Patron Saint St. George. 

As I renew my Promise this year, I know I will be thinking of you all – of all you have done and will do in the future in support of Scouting.

With kindest regards and heartfelt thanks to you all,


22nd April 2021     News

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