Happy New Year!

We all so looked forward to 2021 – remaining positive in hope that we would once again enjoy our Scouting to the full. Once again, we were called upon to be flexible, to adapt and to innovate to continue to bring our Scouting families together.

Thankfully, we were able to navigate a way through, working together to safely bring challenge and fun to all of our scouts and members, enjoying face to face Section meetings, overnight experiences and activity days and events. 

Another year during which we have all reflected and realised just how important Scouting is in our lives, and we continue to be inspired by each other in how we all work hard and smart to overcome any obstacle! 

Thank you, two small words which don’t really seem enough to cover it, but are sincerely meant – thank you for your continued commitment and perseverance over this year.

As is our way, we look forward to 2022, we know challenges remain but I know we’ll strive to make a difference, knowing that we make a positive change for good for so many and in our communities.

After all, we’re Scouts – it’s what we do.

Happy New Year everyone.


District Commissioner
Northern Norwich Scouts

1st January 2022     Members News

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