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Firstly thank you to all who’ve submitted their Census Returns in so promptly resulting in Chris and I being able to work our way thorugh the majority of Group/Unit Returns. We have a couple still to go but we’re nearly there so that’s great – it is appreciated. 

You may have picked up something in the County Updates last week regarding plans for Jubilee in the County. Please find attached related documents. 

The Norfolk Challenge Badge – you’ll see that you need to register as a Group or Section to take part. I hope our young people are keen to get involved with this challenge. 

Also included is a request/opportunity for our young people to be involved in a Royal Salute, taking part at the Norfolk Showground as a centrepiece for the Royal Norfolk Show. Norfolk Scouts are looking for 50 young people to take part….I imagine it will be first come first served so please do circulate to your sections and encourage them to let you know if interested and then you’re asked to email Jane Warden expressing interest. Chaperones are also needed for this event so if any of your team members feel able to offer support then please do!

Kind regards to all,


District Drive:
Norfolk Jubilee Challenge Badge
Royal Salute

20th February 2022     Members News

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