25th Norwich Hike

25th Norwich Hike

The 25th Norwich made the most of the long summer nights with a hike along the Marriotts Way. 

The whole group assembled at Drayton Tesco, where we set off, with the Beavers setting the pace. The sun shone and it turned into one of the hottest days of the year so far.  Thankfully the walkway goes between lots of trees.

At Fir Covert Road, Taverham, we met up with the Beaver parents, who took them home. Cubs and Scouts then continued (there were also a couple of Beavers who chose to continue) walking onward to Attlebridge.

This was a little more tricky for parents to pick up, as the car park is small, but all were picked up successfully, and they waved the Scouts off on the last leg of the journey to Lenwade.

The Scouts picked up the pace again and arrived early at their destination. Parents reported that they all slept well that night.

Judith Pryke – GSL, 25th Norwich

27th June 2022     Beavers, Cubs, News, Scouts

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