Squirrels Investiture

Squirrels Investiture

On Wednesday 12th October 2022 at 4.30pm the Squirrels were in invested at St. Catherines Church Hall.

These are the first squirrels in the district.

First, though, we had to invest the three new Squirrel leaders, so that the Squirrels knew what to do. Then
was the turn of the eight young people to become squirrels.

On hand to help with the investiture was Marylyn Evans, who represented the county and gave them the world membership badge.

Ana Killow, representing the District, and gave them all the District County badge.

The other leaders all gave them a badge, including their name tape, the queens memorial badge, and the
first activity badge, Exciting Experiments.

Their scarf and woggle was presented by the GSL (Scary).

After their investiture they then had another full on evening of activities, and games.

17th October 2022     News, Squirrels

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