Cubs get wet!

Cubs get wet!

3rd and 4th Cubs recently went scuba diving in the pool. They had a great time! TomCSL 3rd & 4th Norwich

25th November 2021     Cubs

Remembrance Day 2021

Remembrance Day 2021

It was a real privilege on Sunday to present Derek Sizeland Treasurer at 1st Drayton with the award of Silver Acorn, recognising his outstanding contribution to Scouting. Congratulations Derek! We were able to make the presentation as part of the Remembrance Event held at the Scout HQ on Sunday morning, during which representatives from the Youth […]

16th November 2021     News

Scout Leaders’ Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the Scout Section District meeting, which took place on 11th October, are now available on the District drive. District Meeting Minutes > Scouts > 2021 > NN Scout Meeting Minutes – 11.10.21.doc In addition, the minutes of the meeting held on 15th November are available in the same location. District Meeting Minutes […]

14th November 2021     News

GSL and Team Meeting Minutes 10/11/21

The minutes of the meeting have been placed on the district drive under District Meeting Minutes > GSL & Team Meetings > 2021 As offered by Martin Monday evening, please do encourage team members to get in touch with him should they be interested in renewing their Climbing/Abseiling Permits.  Jane has confirmed that the next […]

10th November 2021     Members News

Cub Section Meeting

Cub Section Meeting

The minutes and Challenge 105 sheet are now available on the District drive. Please use this link to view the files.

4th November 2021     Cubs, Members News

Beaver Scout Funday – 16th Norwich

A fantastic District Fun Day was had on Saturday 25th September. The event, which belatedly remembered the 80th Anniversary of Dunkirk, was partly funded by a grant from the Norfolk Armed Forces Charity and took Beavers back in time to experience life in 1940.  The day included making mini rafts & catapults: the rafts were […]

19th October 2021     Beavers

Cub Leaders’ Meeting 27/05/21

The minutes have been uploaded to the District drive. Please use this link, or look in District Meeting Minutes > Cubs > 2021

2nd June 2021     Cubs, Members News

Awards in March 2021

A number of awards have been issued to members during March this year. Special congratulations go to Marc Middleton, who achieved his Wood Badge as GSL of 11th Norwich. Congratulations also to those who have achieved Chief Scout Commendations for Good Service, and those who’ve been awarded Long Service awards for their continued commitment to […]

22nd April 2021     News

Celebrating Our Patron Saint – St. George & Renewal of our Scouting Promise

I’m sure that you will all have planned for the renewal of your Scouting Promises locally next week as we celebrate St George’s Day on Friday.  You’ll be aware, I’m sure, of the County initiative ‘Join In, Tune In, Just Stop’ (see link below) which provides a video clip involving young people (and some not […]

22nd April 2021     News

Coronavirus RAs and Programmes

Dear leaders To make it easier to see the new RAs, the District Drive has been re-organised. They are still under “Safe Return”, but it has been split into 2020/2021, with different directories for each section. Within the sections there is one directory for RAs and one for Programmes. 2021 is a little light at […]

6th April 2021     COVID-19, Members News

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